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Entirely effortless, consistently appreciated

YNV DESIGN Florals gift certificate is the quintessential personalized gift. Our scented gift certificates are perfect for:

  • Delightful Floral Bouquets or vase arrangements
  • Striking Orchid Plants

Please note: Gift Certificates are non-refundable

  • Gift Certificates will be delivered in Brossard for $10.00 and will be presented elegantly on a bed of fresh rose petals.
  • Gift Certificates will be Fedexed outside of Brossard for $15.00


Contact us at (514) 290-2963 or by email for additional information.

How about a Gift all year?

 Floral Services

Gift that keeps giving

The ultimate gift, featuring 1 incredible YNV design florals arrangement delivered every month for one year. You can specify exactly what you would like, or you can leave it to our creative team to inspire and surprise you each month. Minimum $1200, delivery & tax not included. Options:

  1. 4 designs @ $100
  2. 4 designs @ $150
  3. 4 designs @ $200

Seasonal gift

 Floral Services


Celebrate the seasons in sensational style. YNV DESIGN Florals offer a magnificent arrangement for each of the four seasons. Our chic and elegant bouquets are presented at the beginning of Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Minimum $400, delivery & tax not included. (drop down under product where they can select a price range)

  1. 4 designs @ $100
  2. 4 designs @ $150
  3. 4 designs @ $200

Need something custom $250 and up? Contact our department at (514) 290-2963 or by email.